B.A. Audio Work

Terp Weekly Edition (Spring 2013)

New gun club sparks debate
Members of UMD’s Rifle and Pistol Club stick to their guns every other weekend to shoot the breeze at an off-campus range. (Photo courtesy of Igor Khrustalev)

This semester, UMD locked and loaded a new student-organization – the Rifle and Pistol Club, but the Maryland General Assembly also passed one of the country’s strictest gun control bills in March. The new bill, called the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, is awaiting the Gov. Martin O’Malley’s signature and bans more than 45 different kinds of weapons, limits ammo clips to 10 rounds and orders new background checks on gun buyers. Despite their opposition to the bill’s ability to lower gun violence, members of the Rifle and Pistol Club say gun control doesn’t make a difference in how they practice and introduce willing students to the world of shooting sports and responsible gun ownership.

MOTS: Should marijuana be legalized in Maryland?
Opposing UMD student views for Maryland’s legislation on marijuana.

A group of Maryland lawmakers are trying to get the conversation started on legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana use this legislative session. Governor Martin O’Malley vowed to veto any such legislation if it came to his desk. TWE’s Judy Nam talked to students at the University of Maryland who also don’t see eye to eye on whether or not they think marijuana should be legalized.

WMUC News (Spring 2013)

Breaking down the new MD gun law

New ‘Bang With Friends’ Facebook app and its reflection on the college “Hookup Culture”

Interview with the creator of @UMDConfessions


Introduction to Multimedia Skills course projects (Fall 2012)

New +/- grading policy
The University Senate for the University of Maryland in College Park enforced a new plus-and-minus grading policy for students starting this Fall semester.

Field of Screams
The Field of Screams is a Halloween-inspired fundraising event in Olney Maryland, for the Olney Boys and Girls Community Sports Association. The event coordinators revamped several of the attractions this year to ensure fresh new scares and thrills.

MOTS: What scares you?


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